About us

GivingGrub is a fast and reliable food ordering and delivery company that donates 100% of its profits to charitable self-sustaining projects in Nepal. As we grow, we plan to add other NGOs. Every time someone places an order, we donate a meal to a person who does not have enough to eat.


Diners, be part of giving back to the community by funding awesome charities every time you place an order for delicious food. It costs you nothing extra and you get so much in return. In addition to enjoying the best, quickest, and most dependable delivery service in Denver, you can feel good about knowing that you are making a difference, just by ordering your favorite foods.

As a restaurant owner, you receive great benefits. We provide you with reliable and fast delivery service at a good price, and you can feel good knowing that we donate all of our profits to charity. In addition, we also give you the tax benefit of the donation and the opportunity to build your image by being associated with a company that contributes so much towards making the world a better place.

Drivers start their engines to be part of an awesome adventure, by working for an organization that goes to such great lengths, to help people who really need it. You can rest assured that when you work for a generous company like Giving Grub, this kindness will translate into a positive work environment.

Read further about how doing business with real Sherpas can benefit you.Tele clinic in Hewa Solukhumbu Nepal

Giving Grub donates all profits to charity and we donate a meal to a hungry person for every meal ordered and delivered.

We are an advanced technology-based online food delivery service. Giving Grub connects you to your favorite restaurants, by giving you easy access to your choice of appetizing dishes from the best restaurants in Denver. Bring more free time and comfort to your evenings and weekends, by getting delicious meals delivered right to your door, quickly and without hassle. That alone is an awesome treat to enjoy, but Giving Grub takes it one step further. We donate all of our profits to charitable organizations, and for every order that is delivered, we donate a meal to a hungry person in Nepal or other areas around the world where food is scarce.

Why are we donating all of our profits to charity?

You may wonder why an organization would do this, after all, aren’t we in business to make money?

Meet Lhakpa Tsheter Sherpa, the founder of Giving Grub. Lhakpa was born and raised in Nepal, and right after he graduated high school, he started helping people climb to the top of Mount Everest. It is a monumental undertaking to keep hikers safe and comfortable in such harsh conditions, but Lhakpa excelled at it and enjoyed it.  You can probably say that helping is ingrained in his DNA.

While working as a Sherpa, he became friends with climbers from Colorado, which resulted in an invitation to visit the Colorado Rockies. Lhakpa felt right at home there and decided to attended college in Colorado. After graduating, he began to build several successful businesses, including the Sherpa House restaurant in Golden, which has been successful for over a decade, and Sherpa Landscaping.

With a lot of hard work and a bit of good fortune, his companies are thriving.  Lhakpa Sherpa feels grateful and compelled to give back to the community. In 2011 he founded the non-profit organization ‘Hike for Help’ in partnership with the Colorado School of Mines. This NGO employs donors’ love for hiking and the outdoors, to raise funds by coordinating cultural expeditions to Nepal. The funds from these treks are then used to facilitate self-sustaining community development projects in the Khumbu Valley Everest region of Nepal. Hike for Help successfully completed many great projects, some examples are restoring trails that are important to the region’s infrastructure, constructing the first public restroom at the base of Mount Everest, putting on clothing drives, and the construction of a clinic in Hewa. Eager to do more and raise more funds for additional projects, Lhakpa came up with the idea for GivingGrub. Running a restaurant gave him the opportunity to examine the food delivery business model, which is costly to restaurants, not that generous to drivers, and generates sizable profits, so he decided to create a win-win situation for everyone.

GivingGrub offers reasonable pricing to its restaurant partners, generous compensation to its drivers, and is still able to donate liberally to NGOs.

What are Sherpas and what is it like to work with us?

Sherpas are friendly, strong, tenacious, and peace-loving people, who live at the foot of Mount Everest in the Solukhumbu valley in Nepal. This valley has become a national park and includes the entry for Mount Everest climbers and the oldest community, Pangboche village. The original meaning of the word “Sherpa” is “People from the East”, Sherpas are deeply respected for the care and dedication with which they tend to the needs of trekkers who come to climb the world’s tallest and most dangerous mountain. 

Sherpas have been making a living with high-altitude farming, wool spinning, raising cattle, and weaving. They are well known around the globe for their exceptional strengths, and their climbing and mountaineering abilities and accomplishments.  The Nepali Sherpa people’s exceptional strength, especially in relation to their height, and how they excel in the extreme alpine conditions of the Himalayas, has led to studies about their genetics and biological nature. These studies have found that they have physiological adaptations, like the ability to use oxygen more efficiently, as well as blood flow differences, that allow them to excel in difficult conditions.

Sherpas are exceptionally hard workers and adhere to a strong ethical code of conduct. Our peaceful and friendly culture is grounded in nature, and we bring great care, kindness, endurance, and dedication to all of our work projects and relationships.